A Wildebeast Wanders Into The Fediverse (Cloudflare)

This is really cool! Cloudflare has officially joined the Fediverse via @cloudflare@cloudflare.social (also @radar@cloudflare.social too), but instead of joining an instance or launching an instance on their own domain, they decided to build a Fediverse platform instead by the name of Wildebeast.

Today we're introducing Wildebeest, an open-source, easy-to-deploy ActivityPub and Mastodon-compatible server built entirely on top of Cloudflare's Supercloud. If you want to run your own spot in the Fediverse you can now do it entirely on Cloudflare. [...]

Wildebeest serves two purposes: you can quickly deploy your Mastodon-compatible server on top of Cloudflare and connect it to the Fediverse in minutes, and you don't need to worry about maintaining or protecting it from abuse or attacks; Cloudflare will do it for you automatically.

Wildebeest is not a managed service. It's your instance, data, and code running in our cloud under your Cloudflare account. Furthermore, it's open-sourced, which means it keeps evolving with more features, and anyone can extend and improve it. (Via the Cloudflare Blog)

I actually discovered Wildebeast after visiting the Fediverse Observer & so far over a dozen instances have embraced Wildebeast on it’s very first day.

@fediversereport@mastodon.social (an account you should follow) was able to figure out the basic pricing (for those wishing to host Wildebeast on Cloudflare’s servers).

I wonder if we will see more companies launch their own flavor of the fediverse in futureβ€½ I do not think companies like Alphabet (also known as Google) or Meta (also known as Facebook) will enter the Fediverse anytime soon with their current social services, but we could see Apple & Amazon enter the Fediverse via their own flavored social networks.

πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» by Darnell Clayton πŸ”› @darnell@darnell.day

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