Darnell (Day)

A carbon vessel interested in all things celestial. A human being with spiritual meaning. Darnell.bio

We can block quote here

I wonder if I can Google it.


Can I auto embed a post from elsewhere‽

Here is a Youtube test.

What about Vimeo‽


SoundCloud too‽

...via the WriteFreely App. So far so good.

Final test. I might be able to use this app after all. @darnell@one.darnell.one is where I am on Mastodon.

Okay, so using WriteFreely I am able to tag folks from:

Technically anyone in the Fediverse. Props to the @writefreely@writing.exchange team for making this happen!

I am still not sure what I will use this blog platform as yet. I do like the fact that I can mention accounts on the Fediverse by simply tagging them.

Although I love the simple formate (it reminds me of Medium), the format is still too simple for me. I guess I am too use to Tumblr’s interface.

Either way, having a simple text blog is nice.

Update: I looked like Twitter worked (sort of) while Tumblr did not (I am not surprised). More tests!

I wonder if I can mention people on other platforms‽ @darnell@one.darnell.one for example‽ Hmmm….

I am testing this app out real quick! Hmm...I tried creating another post but it disappeared. LOL!

For some reason there is no way to create a new post, but only edit the current one. This is not productive.