Belated News: Misskey Founder To Create New Company, Diversify Funding

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Props to for reporting on this earlier in the month! Misskey creator is forming a company to help raise & manage funds to keep the Misskey project alive.

Misskey, a volunteer-supported social networking platform seeking to challenge Twitter, says it will form a limited company this month in a bid to improve efficiency and management as it struggles to keep up with rapid user growth.

Yoshiki Eto, an administrator of one of Misskey's major servers, and president of the new company, confirmed the plan to Nikkei Asia. The company will be named MisskeyHQ. The developer of the project, Eiji Shinoda, will also serve as a director. (...)

Eto says the limited company will aim to generate revenue through such means as selling software that makes it easier to set up a new server on Misskey. It will also consider selling merchandise. is currently bringing in tens of thousands of dollars a month in donations. (Nikkei Asia)

While I was listening to the podcast video (featured below), I was shocked to know that the administrator of (I assume he is referring to Syuilo) sacrificed funds saved up for a new house to keep Misskey alive (around the 3:40 mark) & almost went bankrupt!

Note: Please consider donating to Syuilo via Paypal or Patreon if you have any cash to spare (more donation options are available). I donate $10 a month, although those funds go to keep the flagship instance alive.

Syuilo had previously registered/trademarked Misskey in July, which, in hindsight, makes sense now that Misskey seeks to form a company.

As far as new revenue options go, selling software to automate setup (& perhaps updates) for Misskey is okay. However, I do think Misskey should offer managed hosting services as that might be attractive to businesses in Japan seeking to exit X (formally known as Twitter).

Currently, 12vpx is the only notable company that offers managed hosting options for Misskey (at least outside of Japan), & the Fediverse needs more hosting companies to provide Misskey as an alternative platform (note: I host my solo Misskey instance on 12vpx’s servers).

Perhaps if Misskey offered plans ranging from $10 (approximately ¥‎1,454) per month to even $50 (about ¥‎7,270) per month, they could generate enough revenue to not only keep their flagship instance alive but also pay a small fee to the main contributors, moderators & staff at Misskey HQ as well.

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