Castopod Offers Inexpensive Podcast Hosting To Fediverse

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Yes, there are companies out there hosting Fediverse alternatives to SoundCloud, but what makes this exciting is that Castopod itself is offering managed hosting via their .com Castopod website.

“Podcasting 2.0” features

Offer new & innovative features to your audience: content geolocation, manage persons, transcription and subtitles, chapters…

Integrated social network

Talk to your audience through the fediverse – a decentralized social network – and connect to millions of users all over the world.

Hosted on our servers

We provide you with your own Castopod instance and take care of all upgrades so you only get to care about creating!

Unlimited… everything!

No worries about us limiting your creativity. Castopod allows you to manage as many podcasts, episodes and users as you'd like!

Worldwide content delivery

Unlimited broadcast from anywhere in the world, on any platform! Bonus: All plans offer a number of free lightning-fast downloads, ensuring the best possible listener experience.

Bring your own domain

Your choice, free of charge! You may bring your own domain as we recommend or use a free * subdomain if you prefer!

Complete reversibility

You keep control! Castopod is open-source, meaning that you are free to recover all of your data at any time and host your podcasts wherever you wish!

Props to for alerting me about this, as I did not realize even offered this option! Prices start around €10 per month (there are also annual plans available) & Castopod is even offering a discount for those who sign up before the September 30th deadline.

It is awesome to see Fediverse platforms offer managed hosting solutions for their products, as it allows people & businesses (who lack the time and / or technical skills) to easily setup an instance while at the same time supporting the platform financially (it’s a win-win scenario).

There currently is not an official iPhone/iPad/Android app available, but for now people can use the website to upload their podcasting content.

👨🏾‍💻 by Darnell Clayton 🔛

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