Flipboard Makes The Fediverse Beautiful Again

Okay, so the Fediverse was already beautiful, but when @mmccue@mastodon.social (aka Mike McCue, cofounder & CEO of Flipboard revealed that Flipboard has embraced Mastodon within the app, I was excited!

Accessing your Mastodon account from within Flipboard is a beautiful experience, especially on iPad.

I do hope that Flipboard embraces other Fediverse platforms in the future, as it would be cool to view my Pixelfed, WriteFreely & Misskey timelines within Flipboard app.

But Wait, There Is More

Following the footsteps of Medium, Flipboard launched a semi-public Mastodon instance at Flipboard.social (you need to request an invite to join).

However, they plan on going one step further by having their social news network embracing the Fediverse.

The combination of Flipboard.social and our beta Mastodon integration helps make the brave new world of the Fediverse more approachable and beautiful. But that’s just the beginning. Flipboard is exploring how best to implement ActivityPub so that we can federate our unique ecosystem with every service and user in the Fediverse. This will make it possible for users on Mastodon or other Fediverse services to follow content creators, curators and Magazines on Flipboard. Similarly, Flipboard users will be able to follow users and feeds on services like Mastodon, PixelFed and PeerTube. (Inside Flipboard)

Flipboard has not yet announced when their main site will embrace the Fediverse, but hopefully it will be later on this year.

πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» by Darnell Clayton πŸ”› @darnell@darnell.day

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