Happy Fediverse Day!

3D visualization of Fediverse logo

Okay, so it technically is not the day the Fediverse was born as ActivityPub was more or less a work in progress (props to @youronlyone@c.im for providing a detailed history of how the Fediverse morphed into what it is today).

However, on January 23rd, 2018, the World Wide Web Consortium gave their official recommendation of ActivityPub thanks entirely to these living legends listed below.

So regardless of which Fediverse platform you prefer, raise a glass of gratitude to the Fediverse Founders on this particular occasion, as these five individuals created a protocol so noteworthy that even major companies are admitting that the future of social is with ActivityPub.

Note: Image via Wikimedia Commons by Eukombos, discovered on Engage Media (@EngageMedia@mastodon.social)

Update: Thanks @cstanhope@social.coop for informing me of Jessica Tallon’s account!

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