Haunting The Fediverse: Ghost Provides First Progress Report

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After announcing that they would enter the Fediverse, Ghost has provided their first update about integrating ActivityPub within their open source platform.

In the past week alone, we've had conversations with Mastodon, Flipboard, The Verge, Buttondown, WriteFreely, and several co-authors of the ActivityPub spec. There's a palpable feeling that this just might be the year of the linux desktop the open web.

What to expect from this newsletter

We're going to be sharing a mix of project updates, behind the scenes work, and engineering challenges. The truth is that anyone can make a splashy landing page that makes it seem like they know what they're doing, but we've never built a production app with ActivityPub before!

So, we're going to be sharing what we're learning and struggling with in real time, as we do the hard work of figuring out how to turn our ideas into a reality. Some good news, though, is that we already have a few things working.

Ghost ActivityPub testing

This is a screenshot of real code output, rather than mockups, using ActivityPub. We're feeling a little daunted by the scope of the work ahead of us, but we're also really excited about starting down this road. (Ghost ActivityPub Blog)

It is great to see another blog platform seriously embrace the Fediverse and admit the challenges of integrating ActivityPub within their current software.

Even better is the offer of assistance from other ActivityPub players (both open source & proprietary), which shows a real community spirit to break down the barriers between platforms & truly make the internet connected again.

Currently, there are five significant blogging platforms on the Fediverse (note: significant being defined here as boasting over 100,000 total users) who have successfully activated ActivityPub:

If Ghost can successfully integrate ActivityPub, it will become the second largest blogging platform in the Fediverse, behind only WordPress (tens of millions of websites are powered by Ghost).

Hopefully, Ghost's pending entrance into the Fediverse will encourage other publishing platforms to either renew or initiate the process of activating ActivityPub (as the Fediverse is an easy way to make blogging social again).

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