Heavy Meta: Threads Direct Messages Will Be Powered By Instagram

Threads direct messages powered by Instagram

During an exchange between @mossbergwalt@threads.net & @mosseri@threads.net (the latter is CEO of Instagram & Threads), it was revealed that the Threads team is leaning towards integrating Instagram Direct Messages into Threads.

Getting closer and closer to quitting Twitter. My time there is already down 90%, and I’ve been active here, in hopes this will be the new place for me. The only things stopping me from exiting are:

  1. Concern that somebody will then assume my longtime Twitter handle and use it to post vile things.

  2. Waiting to see if @mosseri and team build out features on Threads like DMs, editing posts, + more and that they demonstrate gutsy content moderation, clearing out any trolls, bigots, etc. (Mossbergwalt on Threads)

Not sure about DMs, might make more sense to more tightly integrate into Instagram than build yet another inbox, but definitely working on editing posts, moderation, web (this week!) and others... (Mosseri on Threads)

This is a big deal, especially considering that in the Fediverse, anyone can send a direct message to another server or domain, even if different platforms power them.

If Instagram is powering Threads direct messages, then it means that any Instagram account could theoretically send a private message to a Mastodon, Misskey, Pixelfed account & vice versa.

Does that mean that Meta will baptize Instagram into the Fediverseβ€½ It is probably too early to tell. But we should not be surprised if Instagram eventually embraces ActivityPub in the not so distant future.

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