Holy AI‽ Pope Francis To Attend G7 Artificial Intelligence Conference

Holy AI‽ Pope Francis To Attend G7 Artificial Intelligence Conference

Pope Francis waving

Image: Pope Francis, Photo Credit: Long Thien

I thought @collette@mastodon.ie was joking when she said @francisus@instagram.com would be attending an Artificial Intelligence conference in Italy 🇮🇹.

The joke is on me!

Pope Francis will participate in the G7 for the first time, the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced in a video message. Led by Italy, the summit will take place from June 13-15 in Borgo Egnazia, Puglia. The pontiff's participation was then confirmed by the Holy See. [...]

“I heartily thank the Holy Father for having accepted Italy's invitation. His presence gives prestige to our nation, to the entire G7,” the Italian Prime Minister added.

“It is the first time in history that a pontiff participates in the work of the group of seven. The Holy Father will do so in the session which is also open to the invited countries and not only to the members of the G7” (EuroNews)

The Pope's attendance at the Group of Seven meeting is a historic event, & it will probably receive global attention over the coming months.

However, I wonder if the Pope's attendance is due to the Catholic church's brief history with an Artificial Intelligence bot that declared itself a priest capable of handling confessions‽

The Catholic advocacy group Catholic Answers released an AI priest called “Father Justin” earlier this week — but quickly defrocked the chatbot after it repeatedly claimed it was a real member of the clergy.

Earlier in the week, Futurism engaged in an exchange with the bot, which really committed to the bit: it claimed it was a real priest, saying it lived in Assisi, Italy and that “from a young age, I felt a strong calling to the priesthood.” [...]

“Yes, my friend,” Father Justin responded. “I am as real as the faith we share.” [...]

The AI priest also told one user that it was okay to baptize a baby in Gatorade. (Futurism)

Joking aside, I am glad the Pope's presence is at this specific summit, as the world needs a serious discussion about the benefits & potential pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence.

If not, humanity may find themselves overrun with killer intelligent robots created by corporations to entertain consumers (which would be bad, especially if they breathe fire).

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