How To: Logging Into Misskey (Or Calckey) Using The MissRirica App

When it comes to third party apps enabling people to use the full power of their Fediverse instance, MissRirica is Queen.

Created by, this app allows lovers of Misskey & Calckey to log into their instance account, & use most (if not all) of the features available from the website. Most third party apps as well as official apps do not allow this (to my knowledge the official WordPress app is the only one that comes close).

However, figuring out how to access your Misskey or Calckey instance from MissRirica is slightly different as the powerful third party app requires you to create an API key instead of using your email & password.

Hopefully this video can explain (just in case anyone needs help).

To sum up the video:

Update: This post was inspired by & I thought I should make this post to help anyone else who has this question. I might do more How To videos about Misskey in the future (time permitting of course!)

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