Is Instagram Now Flirting With The Fediverse Via Threads‽

Mentioning NATO who is not on Threads pings NATO who is on Instagram

It appears Meta is not pleased with heavily promoting Threads within the photogenic feed of Instagram (it frequently appears in my Instagram feed now), but people can mention Instagram handles & they will be pinged on their Instagram app.

This only works within the Threads app (the web app will not ping them, unfortunately). Still, it does make me wonder if Instagram is flirting with the idea of activating ActivityPub (even though Mark Zuckerberg hinted that Instagram & Facebook would not enter the Fediverse).

For example, when (not if) Threads joins the Fediverse, if I mention, it will allegedly ping the app. However, I wonder if Meta will expand that capability so that if I mention, it does the same thing‽

Since Instagram powers Threads, Meta could enable Instagram handles to be pinged (perhaps rerouted through Threads end‽) without having Instagram directly embrace the Fediverse itself.

The only reason I see Instagram partially embracing the Fediverse is to thwart a potential challenger by the name of Pixelfed, an app whose presence would easily appeal to the insta-masses who are becoming overwhelmed with irrelevant ads.

👨🏾‍💻 by Darnell Clayton 🔛

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