Meta AI To Copyrighted Instagram & Facebook Posts: Zuck You, We Do As We Please

So Meta is mimicking bad habits from Alphabet (formally known as Google), & has declared all public postings upon Instagram & Facebook to be fair game for their artificial intelligence overlord.

Meta Platforms (META.O) used public Facebook and Instagram posts to train parts of its new Meta AI virtual assistant, but excluded private posts shared only with family and friends in an effort to respect consumers' privacy, the company's top policy executive told Reuters in an interview. (...)

On copyrighted materials, (Meta President of Global Affairs Nick) Clegg said he was expecting a “fair amount of litigation” over the matter of “whether creative content is covered or not by existing fair use doctrine,” which permits the limited use of protected works for purposes such as commentary, research and parody.

“We think it is, but I strongly suspect that's going to play out in litigation,” Clegg said. (Via Reuters, italicized text inserted in article to provide clarity of person being quoted)

Meta probably has the legal loophole to win any court case as they can site user submission of content to their platforms as an admission of consent for Meta to use worldwide.

But it does beg the question on whether they will extend their artificial intelligence data vacuum to Threads, the latter which is scheduled to make its debut into the Fediverse.

Users of Instagram & Facebook who do not desire to have their public posts used by the Meta Machine should consider using alternative services like Pixelfed & Friendica.

Discovered via: PCMag

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