Meta Mind Trick: Zuck & Mosseri Did Not Conquer The Fediverse Rankings

While traversing the Fediverse I encountered this post by who lamented that & held the number one & three top positions in the Fediverse, respectively, according to FediDB.

FediDB Fediverse Ranksings

Before distressed or excited tech pundits begin typing up headlines like:

...they should realize that these Fediverse followership numbers are misleading.

Meta Mind Trickβ€½

Meta is reporting the Fediverse the total followership numbers of Threads accounts, & is not reporting how many ActivityPub enabled accounts are following a Threads user. An excellent example of this would be Flipboard.

Previously, Flipboard reported total followership numbers, which impressed me months ago. I did not realize until later that Flipboard was reporting total user numbers, creating confusion on the Fediverse Ranking Charts.

Fortunately, after much discussion, provided clarity by separating total Flipboard follower numbers from total Fediverse follow numbers.

ESPN Total versus Fediverse followers

See For Yourself

If one visits Zuck & Mosseri's Threads accounts, & clicks on their follower's section, they will quickly realize that most of their followers have not yet activated ActivityPub on their accounts.

Threads users who have activated ActivityPub will see a near the user's name, while those who have yet to embrace the Fediverse will not see that link near their username.

ActivityPub Enabled Threads Account

Threads account no on the Fediverse

Scrolling through most of Zuck's & Mosseri's followers reveals that the vast majority (I would say 95% based on my anecdotal scrolling) are not on the Fediverse.

Make Threads Accurate Again

Meta should consider mimicking Flipboard & provide a Fediverse followers list, which could include ActivityPub enabled Threads accounts & other Fediverse accounts.

This would allow users to truely understand how popular their account is beyond Threads (at least from within the Fediverse).

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