Meta Sneakily Replacing “@” Sign With Threads Icon On Instagram

Threads icon

I have not yet seen this reported elsewhere, but Meta has replaced the classic “@” sign in Instagram with the Threads Icon, at least on the app I am using.

I only see this on iPhone & iPad (the iPhone app running on iPad), but not on the website itself.

Ironically, the Threads icon was inspired by the @ sign, according to (on a thread he posted last year).

The Threads logo, in Instagram Sans, is inspired by the @ sign, which stands for someone's username, the individual, and voice. It was designed by @rourkery, @jezburrows, and others. It's a single unbroken line, inspired by the loop seen in the app when a thread is started. (Mosseri on Threads)

The symbol would make much more sense if it appeared upon Threads. Perhaps Meta is trying to influence individuals on Instagram to check out Threads subtly‽ Hmm...

Update: Props to for revealing the reason why the “@” symbol looks like the Threads icon on Instagram.

Instagram Sans is our new, global typeface. The glyph and wordmark inspired this custom style that nods to our heritage.

Instagram Sans reflects the shape of the glyph and our commitment to simplicity and craft. The in-between moments of a perfect circle and a square, which we lovingly call the “squircle,” show up throughout the typeface.

Instagram Sans is a contemporary remix of grotesque and geometric styles. The type is designed with accessibility and global scripts at the core, able to express a range of styles in any language. (Hello Instagram Sans)

Instagram Sans font for at sign

So basically Instagram reimagined font for their app, which coincidentally made the “a” symbol look like the Threads icon.

My only question is, when are they going to bring this font over to Threads‽

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