Minds Seeks Fediverse Crown, Attempts To Activate ActivityPub (Again‽) By September

Minds logo

Known to haters as a crypto spam, free speech hell site, Minds is attempting to become the center of the decentralized universe by embracing Nostr, Matrix, & ActivityPub.

Although Minds has successfully integrated Nostr & Matrix, they seem to be struggling with ActivityPub, as they were supposed to join the Fediverse in 2021.

Note: Screenshot just in case X goes down again.

MInds joining Fediverse promise

Minds is seemingly struggling with activating ActivityPub, as there have been offers on Replit for assistance & they allegedly tried to recruit the legendary founder of Pixelfed, @dansup@mastodon.social for help (Dan “oh so eloquently” declined).

Minds is “partially” in the Fediverse already, as searching for Minds user handles within your favorite Fediverse app is possible (try searching for @darnellclayton@minds.com).

Darnell Clayton on Minds

However, the “functionality” (or rather discoverability) is the same for instances that de-federated in the past, like Counter Social (search for @darnell@counter.social).

Me on Counter Social

Minds is scheduled to join the Fediverse in September. However, if Minds is successful, they could become the number one instance in the Fediverse.

Minds, the crypto social network with a focus on encryption and privacy, has raised $10 million from the tech freedom organization Futo. (...)

New York-based Minds is a crypto social network with an instant messaging chat app that lets people communicate with each other in real time. It has grown to more than 14 million since it received a funding round in October 2018. (VentureBeat)

If you could ignore the free speech hellscape that the site is (in)famous for, Minds does offer several features that would appeal to most people (especially premium users), like the ability to upload high-definition videos (up to 95 minutes for plus accounts), & custom domain support (latter is a pricy pro feature).

However, if Minds can activate ActivityPub next month, I suspect they will probably be blocked by numerous instance admins based on Minds moderation rules.

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