Misskey Enters The Mac App Store

So another day, another Misskey app for iDevices has appeared, this time with support for Mac App Store.

Called Kimis, this app was created by @lakr233@twitter.com / @launchctl@social.qaq.wiki (note: I think both accounts belong to the same person but I could be wrong), & to my knowledge is the first Misskey app to embrace the MacBook.

Like it’s predecessors MissCat (by @wada@misskey.io) & Socialhub, Kimis offers a simple display of Misskey’s timeline (as well as trending hash tags) that should be familiar with users of Twitter, Mastodon, etcetera.

While not as powerful as MissRirica (by @fruitriin@misskey.io), Kimis’s sole advantage over it’s more powerful rival is the login process, as MissRirica requires an API (Application Programming Interface) code in order to login while Kimis only requests your login credentials via a web pop up window (Mastodon & other Fediverse apps also use the latter method).

Although I still prefer MissRirica as it utilizes the full power of Misskey, I am glad to see more developers create apps for Misskey, although I do wish they would consider offering premium features (in order to help put food on their table).

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