Multiple Fediverse Accounts: Good Idea Or Great Idea‽

So while I was surfing the sewers of twitter looking for Fediverse accounts to follow (usually Pixelfed or Mastodon), I came across an interesting post by (Kasparov Manz) who argues in favor of maintaining multiple accounts.

I can be in my role as a practitioner of data visualisation. I can be in my role as a graphic designer for the NZZ (a Swiss newspaper – this instance doesn’t exist yet, but I hope it will one day). And maybe I could make a third account on a Swiss instance to muse about Swiss politics in Swiss German.

Not only does it give your followers an indication in what capacity you’re posting, it also allows them to filter based on these capacities. You don’t know Swiss German? Then don’t follow me on the Swiss instance. You’re mostly interested in the news? Then only follow my account. (Xeophin on Notion)

I highly recommend reading the rest of the post by as his idea is actually far more popular outside of the Fediverse than within it.

For example, you can semi-actively find me at:

Update: removed to handles as WriteFreely does not recognize them yet.

Due to the limited interoperability between most social networks, many (if not most) people manage multiple accounts across different services.

The beauty of the Fediverse is that you can sign up for one account & follow many other accounts regardless of the platform (as long as they speak ActivityPub.

While this inherently negates the need for another Fediverse account, folks should seriously consider creating multiple accounts in order to avoid having their signal silenced by toxic social networks, authoritarian governments or warring feuds between massive instances.

Having additional Federated instances can also be critical if your primary instance is attacked by nefarious forces attempting to silence your signal.

Folks should also consider opening a secondary, tertiary, etcetera, accounts upon different platforms.

For example:

While each of these sites have different functions, if one of them falls I can communicate & respond to the Fediverse using the other accounts.

Note: I purposely did not include my WordPress (via plugin) or Micro.Blog accounts, as neither is fully or properly federated (at least not yet).

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