Several Suggestions For MissKey & MissRirica

So I have been spending more time exploring the wonderful world of MissKey by & believe it or not I seriously considered using the service last year as my primary Fediverse account due to it’s numerous features (including quote posting).

Thanks to the efforts of we finally have an excellent MissKey app for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Note: The apps are in Japanese, but the developer has promised to add additional languages if the Fediverse displays interest in having the app in their localized language.

Both the MissKey software & the MissRirica apps are currently free, & while this makes them accessible for all, I do have this crazy fear that awesome software like these will disappear due to future financial constraints (this fear is due to an unrelated side affect of Google shutting down Google Reader years ago! Why Google, why‽).

Putting Food On The Fediverse Table

Currently the primary MissKey instance, is supported by the community via Patreon & advertising, although people can opt out the latter by subscribing to the MissKey $5 to $10 Patreon tiers.

However, I think the creator of MissKey should offer another Patreon tier, which would provide a stress free Managed Hosting service for those who desire to run MissKey upon their own domain (but who prefer not to handle the technical details).

This is what BookWyrm offers on Patreon (latter is currently at $40 per month), & MissKey could use the extra funds to help pay for server costs upon, put some extra food on the table & further the development of Misskey’s software.

For comparison I pay Masto Host to $34 per month to host my solo Mastodon account, which also includes Elastic Search (note: I originally started off on their $6 per month plan, but I ended up using Mastodon too much so I had to upgrade 😅).

I believe if the MissKey creator offered a similar service, they would help cover the bandwidth & electricity costs of their main server while expanding MissKey’s influence upon the Fediverse & beyond (a win-win scenario).

MissKey’s Battlemaid MissRirica

So MissRirica is not the first MissKey app to grace the app stores of Apple & Google, but it is probably the best one to appear on both stores.

Created by Rin Nakashima, her apps bring the awesomeness of MissKey to the mobile world (on iPhone, iPad & Android) as well as outclass many (if not most) of the Fediverse apps, especially those built for Mastodon.

I have enjoyed MissRirica apps so much that I am supporting the developer via Patreon (note: if you use any of her apps, then you should too), in order to help further development of the apps, & to help them avoid the fate of several other MissKey apps (MissCat & SocialHub).

Although I advocate that MissRirica allow the initial downloads of the app to be free, I do think she should include some in-app purchases to enhance the experience.

A few in-app paid suggestions include (video shown below as an example):

Am I Down With MissKey‽

While I do have an account on MissKey at, I do intend on running a solo MissKey instance in the future (yes, I enjoy running solo instances because, why not‽).

I have already purchased a domain & I am talking to hosts about managed hosting options & so far is considering MissKey as an option (they already support Mastodon, Pixelfed & Pleroma.

I am hoping also considers launching a managed hosting service, as it will allow non-technical normies (as well as some businesses) to enter the Fediverse via their own domain without having to mess with the technical details.

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