Surprising Pre-Fediverse Fact: Tumblr Is Bigger (& More Active) Than Threads By Instagram

Tumblr verses Threads around the world

The Google Trends do not lie, Tumblr is bigger & more hyperactive than Threads.

Google Trends of Tumblr verses Threads in graphs

While much has been typed about how Threads will impact the Fediverse, truthfully, Tumblr will probably be the Fediverse heavy weight once the latter activates ActivityPub

Comparing Apples To Oranges

Final Fedi Thoughts

I believe Threads will have an outsized impact on the Fediverse by popularizing the concept amongst the masses, even if most people do not sign up (or actively remain) on Threads.

Tumblr will probably become the darling of the Fediverse due to its versatility to existing as a:

After they activate ActivityPub, I believe Tumblr will retain its crown as the dominant Fediverse platform, followed by Threads, Mastodon & Misskey.

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