The Calckey iPhone, Android App Cometh (Soonish‽)

Emerging from the shadow of its digital ancestor, Calckey (which is a fork of Misskey) is about to do something rarely seen amongst Fediverse forks, which is launch a native app upon the App Stores. Thanks for the info! Do you have a time frame for when it will launch‽ Also, for iOS/iPadOS, are you beta testing via TestFlight‽ (Misskey Permalink) we'll probably go straight to release in a month (Calckey Permalink)

Launching a native app upon Android & iPhone (maybe iPad too‽) is a smart move, as it signifies to most non-tech people that your social project exists & that the developer is serious about maintaining a presence in cyberspace.

Most people use mobile devices to connect online, & having a powerful official or third party app can easily determine the difference between mass adoption (something Mastodon is beginning to experience) or a fringe site used by power users.

While launching on Android should be fairly straight forward, Calckey might have a minor issue with launching on iPhone & iPad as there is an abandoned iPhone/iPad app under the same name.

This will probably not be an issue as Calckey could launch as Calckey Social (or a similar variant) on the App Store.

I do wish Apple would grant Calckey the name on the App Store in order to reduce confusion when people are searching for the pending Calckey app (as having an abandoned calculator pop up first would perplex people).

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