Threaded Launches Mastodon App, Which Mimics Threads Layout

After months in development, Lumaa has launched their Threaded for Mastodon app on the App Store, albeit it is limited to iPhone & Apple Watch (sadly no iPad app is available yet).

Overall, the app provides a clean layout for Mastodon that may appeal to non-techies, & the app even supports multiple accounts.

Aside from the user interface, Threaded provides some of the basic functionality one would expect to use in a Mastodon app (posting, polls, etcetera).

Threaded does not entirely mimic Threads user interface completely (which is wise for legal reasons), but it is enough to appeal to those who enjoy using Meta's latest social network.

However, Threaded lacks some of the features I deem necessary for a Fediverse app nowadays, such as an ability to translate posts, easily report offensive posts to admins (note: I could not find a way to report any posts within the app), & a timestamp on posts which most social media apps have nowadays (including Threads & Mastodon.

Overall, this is an excellent start by & I look forward to future updates.

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