Threads Says No To Third Party Clients (But Yes To Third Party Apps)

So if you were hoping for a third-party Threads client in the future (which would mimic the functionality of the official Threads app), (an employee of Threads) revealed several days ago that is not on the road map.

there are no plans to support APIs for 3p clients. but posts from federated threads users can be seen on other mastodon apps if you follow them (0xjessel on Threads)

This is not to be confused with Threads releasing an API (or Application Programming Interface for you non-geeks out there) for developers to integrate within their respective applications or websites.

Threads API Update πŸ›œ

Over the past few months, we’ve been building the Threads API to enable creators, developers and brands to manage their Threads presence at scale and easily share fresh, new ideas with their communities from their favorite third-party applications.

The API currently enables users to authenticate, publish threads, and fetch the content they posted through these tools – and soon, we will enable reply moderation and insights capabilities. (0xjessel)

This probably confirms that, like Instagram, Meta wants Threads to be the only client available to maximize revenue generated from advertisers.

Although Meta could allow third-party clients to be built, they would have to figure out a means to force developers to include ads within third-party apps (the latter may not want to allow ads unless they are receiving part of the profits).

A prime advantage of allowing third-party developers to create clients is that they can often build mobile & desktop apps for operating systems considered irrelevant by the corporate overlords.

Sora for Apple devices

One example is an app by called Sora, which is available on:

Meanwhile, Threads is limited to iPhone & Android, with no clear indication of whether they will support iPad or Android tablets, let alone smart watches & augmented reality devices.

Note: Sora supports Mastodon, Misskey & Bluesky.

Hopefully, Threads will change their minds, as it is helpful to access & post content to the Fediverse from non-traditional devices (like via Apple Watch if you are exercising or at work) when you lack access to your phone or tablet.

But if Threads remains phone-centric, Fediverse users would be wise to utilize another platform that allows them greater flexibility.

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