Tumblr Alternative Loforo: Most Active Fediverse Blog Option After WordPress‽

Loforo Logo in shape of an L

If you have never heard of Loforo before, do not feel surprised. I first came across them on FediDB which listed them as a Mastodon instance. However, upon visiting the website, it is clear that it is not powered by Mastodon but by its own code (at least from the outside).

My best description of Loforo is an ActivityPub Tumblr alternative whose vibe reminds me of the early days of Tumblr before the platform sold its soul to Corporate America.

Although the site does not have an official app, you can log into Loforo via your favorite Mastodon client (I used the official Mastodon app, as well as @MonaApp@mastodon.social to login), which makes me believe they are using Mastodon's API's within the code of their blogging platform.

Adding Loforo via the official Mastodon App

Adding Loforo via the Mona Mastodon App

Thus far, you can upload texts to the platform but not images through the Mastodon clients. I can also follow my Loforo account, but I can not reciprocate the following. Also, mentioning other Fediverse accounts outside the platform is not currently possible (a bug, perhaps‽).

On the website, you can upload images, videos, etcetera, to the platform to your heart's content.

Another surprise is that Loforo is the second most active ActivityPub blog platform in the Fediverse, behind only WordPress.

Here are Loforo's stats according to FediDB:

Loforo stats on FediDB

Here are WordPress's stats (who holds the Fediverse blogging crown):

Wordpress stats for blogs who have federated according to FediDB

Here are WriteFreely stats (note: This site is proudly powered by WriteFreely, via Write.as):

WriteFreely stats on FediDB

Here are Micro Blog's stats:

Micro Blog stats according to FediDB

Suggestions For Improvements‽

If I could offer any suggestions to the Loforo team, it would be:

Update: If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to mention them to me at @darnell@one.darnell.one (as I would love to see them).

Is This The Tumblr Alternative The Fediverse Has Been Waiting For‽

With Tumblr not expected to join the Fediverse anytime soon, many folks have been seeking out an alternative to Automattic’s (the company behind WordPress) social blogging platform. Currently, a former Tumblr employee is creating a platform called Goblin as a Tumblr replacement, but the site is not ready for the masses.

I do believe that if Loforo can implement some of the suggestions I mentioned above (mobile apps, custom domains, resolve ActivtyPub bugs), they will quickly find themselves not only inheriting Tumblr's fallen crown but surpassing WordPress as well (at least in the Fediverse).

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