Twitter To Challenge Youtube, Plus End Legacy Blue Verified Checkmarks For Famous Folks

A long time ago in geek years (real time it was last year in October), declared Youtube as the only S-Tier social network. noticed this claim & responded by tweeting out two words:

It now seems as if Elon Musk is attempting to compete with Youtube by sharing ad revenue with the Twitterverseโ€”but there is a catch.

As far as ending legacy accounts go, a few celebrities will definitely abandon Twitter, but most will probably pay in order to avoid spammers & trolls impersonating their official accounts.

Elon Musk still has not revealed what the ad split for ad revenue will be, but I assume Twitter will mimic Google & use some mysterious, complex algorithm to determine how many crumbs you receive from the Twitter Tycoonโ€™s bakery.

Although Elon Musk views Mastodon as an emerging threat, his biggest social rival (at least in the news/sports/informational arena) is Youtube, the latter which rolled out @username handles last year.

Youtube ironically can do everything Twitter is doing right now via community posts, although it currently is more cumbersome than creating a tweet.

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