When Will BuddyPress (By WordPress) Activate ActivityPub‽

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Last year, lead BuddyPress developer Mathieu Viet desired to combine the powers of ActivityPub with BuddyPress as a bulwark against multi-billion dollar social networks.

About federating WordPress site owners updates into a BuddyVerse 🌍, it's an amazing idea I already heard of 5 years ago during the WordCamp Europe 2017. As WordPress is powering around 40% of Internet sites, I guess there's an interesting potential, but I believe** we need a lot more contributors** to master the ActivityPub protocol (extending the ActivityPub WordPress plugin?) or the Matrix standard and required developments to allow 2 or more WordPress instances to follow each others or more globally to achieve a distributed BuddyPress network. To avoid missing the « we figured out being chained into social media owned by capricious billionaires was masochistic » opportunity, maybe we can make a first step into this direction and reach something approaching improving how we deal with RSS feeds & implementing Webmentions. (via BuddyPress Blog)

It might be wise for Automattic (the company behind WordPress & WordPress.com) to pursue creating a special Fediverse plugin for BuddyPress or expand support of the original ActivityPub plugin for the social network.

One advantage BuddyPress has over current Fediverse options is that the former can leverage the power of WordPress, which many (if not most) hosting companies provide as a “1-click” install option.

Since BuddyPress can be activated on WordPress sites via the BuddyPress plugin, communities can easily set up their social network that is not run by a mega-corporation that may not share their ideals.

Viet will probably need assistance from the (super busy) @pfefferle@mastodon.social (lead developer of the ActivityPub plugin) as well as @photomatt@mastodon.social (who can direct resources from Automattic to help speed up compatibility).

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