Why Is Threads Taking It’s Time To Embrace The Fediverse‽

So @rklambo@threads.net was interviewed by Wired & we might be a few months away from Threads activating ActivityPub upon their site.

In the coming months, Threads users should gain the ability to follow accounts from other social networks and to publish posts that will appear not only in Threads but elsewhere on the social web. [...]

Meta is treading carefully, doing a phased implementation while continuing conversations with Fediverse leaders. This will give the company more time to iron out some of the integration kinks. “Do we adapt the protocol to be able to support this?” Lambert asks. “Or do we try to do some kind of interesting, unique implementation?” Instead of the audio for voice posts, Meta considered federating text transcripts, but ultimately decided to stick with sharing the audio.

Lambert hesitates to put an exact timeline on the rollout of ActivityPub support, but she says general users may be able to access the new features in a couple of months. Access will first arrive for Threads accounts open to the public, and the activation process will be opt-in. “We have some milestones that we’re working towards,” Lambert says. “But I think we’re most invested in just making sure that the experience feels really good & that things are actually working.” (Wired)

I understand the logic behind Meta being cautious (as making drastic changes could make or break the site), but I think the company could be moving a lot faster in reaching their goals if they would simply launch a public beta testing site.

There are a plethora of other features Threads should launch, but activating ActivityPub is definately a feature at the top of the list.

👨🏾‍💻 by Darnell Clayton 🔛 @darnell@darnell.day

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