Instagram Auto Flirting With The Fediverse Via Threads

Homer Simpson in Lesbian Bar

Image Credit: Simpsons (see video the end of the post), picture altered by The Phantasmic Prince

Great scoop by, who confirmed that Instagram is experimenting with auto-posting to the Fediverse via Threads.

Earlier today, users shared that they saw control for cross-posting on their Instagram accounts. Users could cross-post an individual post to turn on the feature for all of them.

Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that it is running a global test to let users cross-post images from Instagram to Threads. That means you can't post Reels to Threads automatically. [...]

The company said that this is an opt-in experience, and you can turn it off at any point in time. (TechCrunch)

According to, Meta previously enabled Facebook users to automatically cross post upon Threads.

This latest move could be a way for Meta to use Threads to thwart any potential ActivityPub powered rivals in the Fediverse (like Pixelfed, Friendica & WordPress). has already hinted that Instagram will power Threads private messages in the future. This makes me wonder what other features Instagram will flirt with within the Fediverseβ€½ (my guess is live streaming, but could have different ideas)

Simpsons Video:

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