The Rise Of Misskey

I am pleasantly surprised about the growing popularity of Misskey, which in my honest opinion boasts more features than it’s more prominent sibling, Mastodon.

Previously posted about how the Fediverse is growing in numerous directions, both in numbers as well as diversity.

However, as pointed out, the rise of Misskey is a bigger story...

...& the stats do not lie regarding Misskey’s rise!

According to FediDB, Misskey is the third largest Fediverse software platform after Mastodon & PeerTube, although Misskey may eclipse the latter sooner rather than later.

Although according to some statistics, Misskey may have already surpassed Peertube (as far as user count goes), as The Federation Info already lists Misskey as second only to Mastodon in the Fediverse.

The Fediverse Observer already lists (which is run by who is also the founder of Misskey) as a top ten instance, a list which is mostly dominated by Mastodon instances.

As Misskey gains popularity, it might inspire more Android & iPhone/iPad developers (especially those who have built apps on Mastodon) to create advanced apps for this Misskey.

For what it’s worth, has created a phenomenal Misskey app for iPhone, iPad & Android (note: here is how login to Misskey using the MissRirica app), while has created a Mac App (for you Mac lovers out there).

As far as managed hosting goes, there are only two companies offering hosting services for Misskey.

Hopefully we will see more Fediverse platforms gain popularity in the coming months, so that those fleeing legacy social networks will experience the true taste of the Fediverse instead of a carbon copy from Facebook.

*Note: Discovered via The Fediverse Report. If you are a citizen of the Fediverse, you should follow them at!

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